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Transform Your Basement

with our Affordable Exo-Frame Egress Window System. Add Light,
Safety, Comfort and Value with our Quick 1-Day Install!

Increased Light & Comfort

Ask most home-buyers what they’re looking for in a home, and they’ll tell you “bright rooms with lots of natural light.” Hardly a description most of us would use to describe our basement. With BrightLight Egress wells, you can bring lots of natural light and fresh air into your basement so you can be as comfortable downstairs as on the upper levels of your home. No more dark shadows and damp corners.

Safety First

BrightLight Egress windows you can rest assured that your loved ones can escape from your basement living areas in the event of a fire or other emergency. IRC Code requires that below grade living spaces be equipped with an egress compliant basement window. Don't risk the safety of your family, call today and have an egress window or two installed by BrightLight Egress.

More Space To Live

Is your family bursting at the seams of your home? Are you welcoming an aging parent or visiting grandchildren into your home? Perhaps you’d like to add a rental unit in your basement. Or create an office space to work from home. A basement renovation gives you the additional living space you need. Transforming your basement into living space becomes a viable option when you install BrightLight Egress windows.

Increased Home Value

Thinking of selling your home? Imagine increasing the value of your home by adding a bedroom without the expense of building an addition. That’s the power of converting dark, damp basement space into bright, comfortable living space with egress window installation by BrightLight Egress. Or consider the added income you could enjoy by converting your basement into a rental apartment unit.


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Discover the Cost of the
Exo-Frame Egress
Window System

12 Reasons Why the Exo-Frame is the Best Choice!


Quick installation compared to conventional wood-framed units. Reduces on-site work time thereby saving you money.


Does not require complete removal of original poured-in steel buck which means 30% less concrete removal to complete.


Has superior load-bearing capacity making it considerably stronger than conventional wood egress window framing.


Adapts easily to almost any foundation type, whether it be pier or grade beam, brick, concrete or block


Requires minimal caulk and adhesive materials, therefore it can be reliably installed year-round without worry of failure.


Incorporates a non-temperature sensitive gasket for a superior seal to your foundation making it extremely leak tight.


Typical 1-day installation means minimal disruption and exposure to the elements during the installation process.


Innovative design virtually eliminates the lips, joints, and edges of a traditional wooden frame and wood exterior trim.


Leaves no place for moisture to collect and seep behind virtually eliminating the possibility of rotting, damage and leaking.


Does not require any exterior wood trim, thereby eliminating the multiple failure points associated with exterior wood trim.


Does not requires gap caulk, glue or paint, therefore all of the ongoing maintenance associated with exterior wood trim are gone.


Seals from the inside out rather than the outside in, making it perfect for fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum-clad wood windows.

why choose us for projects!

We have over 30 years experience in providing solutions to homeowners when it comes to  window well and basement egress requirements.

Modern Techniques

We use the Exo-Frame technology for our egress installations with in-swing tilt and turn windows.

Quality materials

We use Exo-Frame, the most advanced egress window system that you can install in your home.

Profession Team

We use more advanced processes, educated consultants and experienced labor.

Unrivaled Support

With a full production staff on hand, we promise someone is always available to help.

“We install the finest egress window system on the market to add light, safety, comfort and value to your home.

- Al Schuster, Operations Manager

We are a WellExpert company with almost 30 years of experience.


How we became best at what we do

Our sister company, WellExpert started almost 30 years ago helping homeowners with all of their window well needs, including customer covers and more.  Egress window installation was a natural progression for us.  Along with it we bring the skill, expertise and customer support that has earned us a 5-Star reputation.

We believe building long lasting

Good Happy Relationships with Homeowners!

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Phone number

120 Prairie Lake Rd
East Dundee, IL


120 Prairie Lake Rd, East Dundee, IL